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Creative Director / Writer / Designer: Jaina Rodriguez

Accessibility V-Team: Jon DeLodder, Cindy Baccetti, Jaina Rodriguez (& Angela Hooker from Microsoft Stores)

Original Icon Design: Microsoft Accessibility Team


The Accessibility Playbook was pioneered and initiated by the Worldwide Accessibility V-team in order to provide the field and third party partners with guidance and design principals regarding accessibility and inclusive design, both in-store and online.

The playbook covers:

  • Desktop & Mobile best practices

    • Color and Contrast

    • Alternative Text

    • Web Structure

    • Link Text

    • Infographs

    • Carousel usage

    • Video/Other media content

    • App Design

  • In Store

    • Signage

    • Floor and ground space clearance

    • Reach Ranges

    • Display Height

    • Interactive Kiosks

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