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Microsoft Teams - QUIZ

Creative Director and Designer: Jaina Rodriguez

Line of Business: Teams

Animator: Shawn Lawlor

Developer: Belief

TEams Final2_edited.jpg
Teams final_edited_edited.jpg


Create a personality quiz to launch alongside the holiday Teams campaign, focusing on the capabilities of the application and what kind teammate you are.  The quiz would need to rely upon the research of Dr. Mary Donohue and an involved algorithm to surface the results of the individual taking the quiz.



A short, interactive and responsive quiz was created, asking users to answer 6 multiple choice questions to get a remarkably accurate solution immediately after taking the quiz.

Rather than require an email or authenticated experience, the user is served up the results along with a bit more detailed information which could be shared via social media.


The quiz will was launched with a summer social campaign focused on Teams new features and benefits. 



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