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Creative Director: Jaina Rodriguez

Line of Business: Windows Team

Animators: Thomas Nichols & Taylor Bryant

Developer: Paolo Tosolini & Microsoft Production Studios

Fixture Build: Lisa Cunningham- ImagiCorps


Consumers often disengage from the shopping journey by using their cell phones to look up ratings and reviews or product details. This can take them away from the purchase path or cause confusion as they try to compare products. 



Provide information with an interactive digital tabletop that senses the customers approach or interaction with the device. The animations provide: price, product details, ratings and reviews as well as features and benefits of the Windows device.

  • Test in 3 locations in Canada and the US.

  • Emphasize ratings and reviews new features and feature animations

  • Allow employees to change the pricing, fact tag information and location of devices by developing an application

  • Auto update via the cloud

  • Track interactions for overall ROI and store sales

  • Add accessibility features where possible


After testing for 6 months and using control stores as a comparison, the stores with digital tables showed a sales lift of 10%. Customer and employee feedback was positive but they wanted more control of the information via a touch screen. Due to expense and upkeep of the table, the project was put on hold before rolling out further.



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