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Creative Director: Jaina Rodriguez

Line of Business: Office Channel Marketing and Office Brand Team

Designers: Thomas Nichols & Jooyeon Oh


Customers often pick the wrong SKU or don't understand the value proposition. In un-assisted environments, this problem increases. Customers pick the wrong product and don't realize it until they are home, and installing the software. This causes friction in the purchase flow and can deter some customers.


Proposed Solution

Provide assistance to the shoppers (and employees') journey by adding a digital questionnaire to help in low or unassisted environments, both online/mobile and in-store. Customers can activate the experience on their mobile phones via a QR code or interact with the digital screen to assist them in their purchase process.


Test digital chooser in 5 locations across the world before mass roll-out.


  • Use existing fixtures, monoliths, and table-top cardholders 

  • Emphasize new features and feature videos

  • Track interactions for overall ROI

  • Add accessibility features where possible

Online (in development):

  • Create SKU chooser questionnaire on the product page

  • Provide HTML to partners via agency


June 2017 reporting showed 3 of the five stores had an uptick in sales and usage of the digital screens where the screen was newly introduced. The two stores that already had digital screens installed but no interactive touch screens showed no change- low usage was reported prior to installation and habits had not changed. 





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