Creative Director: Jaina Rodriguez

Line of Business: Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Designers: Kyle Barr, Matthew Trout, Nick Moore, Ryan Middleton

Developer: Office Web Team

Engineering Partners: Office Suite Applications


Re-design over 1,200 web pages by creating a design system/templates for that align with Microsoft branding and the existing web framework. Bring together multiple app teams across the company to ensure alignment and individual business needs were met. 



Work with web and engineering team to create a web guideline and design system to ensure cohesiveness across the Office and Microsoft sites with slight variances that allow for animation, video, and interactive content.

By creating a set of design and branding rules, we ensure a smooth customer journey to educate the differences between the products and do it all with a more premium look and feel. The templates, while interchangeable, create a consistent look and feel across the website and allow for each business to prioritize information in their own way without breaking from over-arching look and feel of the site, from one product, to the next.


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