Creative Director: Jaina Rodriguez

Line of Business: Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Designers: Kyle Barr, Matthew Trout, Nick Moore, Ryan Middleton

Developer: Office Web Team


Re-design and created a design system/templates for that align with Microsoft branding and web framework. Work with engineering and application teams across the Office products suite.



Created web guidelines and design system to ensure cohesiveness across the Office and Microsoft sites with slight variances that allow for animation, video, and interactive content.

  • Test in 3 locations in Canada and the US.

  • Emphasize ratings and reviews new features and feature animations

  • Allow employees to change the pricing, fact tag information and location of devices by developing an application

  • Auto update via the cloud

  • Track interactions for overall ROI and store sales

  • Add accessibility features where possible


After testing for 6 months and using control stores as a comparison, the stores with digital tables showed a sales lift of 10%. Customer and employee feedback was positive but they wanted more control of the information via a touch screen.


What's next?

Final evaluations will conclude in August. Stores will offer feedback and analytics will help us to make any UI/UX adjustments for further testing and updates prior to launching in select stores.